I began Antevasin Design in 2011 after completing my Bachelors in Architecture from Victoria University in Wellington. Since then, I have created over fifty designs for a wide variety of homes. In the two sub-pages within this section you can see images of two of my designs once they have been built. I have chosen these two because of their ability to illustrate two different things; client satisfaction and my design principles.

Green Lane was a project for a Interior Designer who, unsurprisingly, had strong ideas in relation to interior spaces! While I also have strong ideas about what makes for a great interior, I understand that my role requires me to put these aside in instances where they conflict with my client's. The page on Green Lane shows her completed project as well as providing a client testimonial. To say she appreciated the work I did is something of an understatement; here is part of her testimonial:

"...his input has been invaluable in helping us create our dream home."

Clifton Avenue is a great example of incorporating the design principles I use to inform my practice; unsurprisingly this is because it was work that I did on my own home. As well as creating the drawings, I also used my construction skills to construct the entire extension and complete all the interior work bar the plastering (which I don't enjoy). As I own this home, it was important to me that it was constructed in a way that was easy to maintain. This experience means I am able to create designs with an awareness of the way in which they will be constructed. This is useful not only in relation to cost-saving with respect to the initial build, but also reduces maintenance costs because, easy-to-maintain often means cheaper to maintain.

I intend to add to add more projects to this section so, if you like what you see and want to see more, please either check in soon or contact me to find out more. I look forward to speaking to you.